Being on the construction industry, it must be imperative that you realize how important it is for you to take advantage of using a Cost Estimate Spreadsheet. However, you need to indentify first a suitable project which is the most basic step. Then later on, start the process of prepping the cost estimate of the entire job. Nowadays, it’s not really that difficult to find such tools which will be of great help for you to prepare a cost estimate for your entire project. Among of the many tools that you can use is the Cost estimate Spreadsheet, which includes all the details of a certain project. But it’ll depend on the kind of template that you’re going to choose. After entering the necessary data and values into the spreadsheet, it’ll only take a matter of minutes to finalize the whole estimate. Any calculations or computations you need is automatically calculated by inserting the formula.

Construction Estimating

  Here are the common fields that you need to be aware of in a cost estimate spreadsheet:


  • The Supplier- in which it is here where all the needed data or details of your suppliers for the raw materials you need.
  • Description field where you enter the detail of every item. By doing so, you ensure that all aspects of your job is taken into account.
  • Original Cost estimate- here you need to enter your original cost estimate
  • Adjusted Cost estimate is used to enter the distinction of cost because of variation of the raw materials prices.
  • Estimated expenses to complete- is used to enter the computed or estimated cost to complete each of the items.

However, if you’re using a formula to compute its values, then all you have to do is enter the value and the total value will be automatically calculated.





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